The Way She Goes….

Media Use Journal

Week 1.) Creating was difficult at first! I never made a website before and didn’t know much about wordpress. But the more I messed around I figure things out, and it became much much easier to use. I must say though the hardest part about getting this project started was picking the topic of the website I would be creating! It took me days and days to figure out what I wanted to begin working on. Once I picked the Trailer Park Boys as a basis the project took off! I thought the Trailer Park Boys would be perfect for an American audience!

Week 2.) The first thing I decided to post on my blog was Jim Lahey! Jim Lahey is a huge character on the show and sets the mood for the other characters. When Lahey is around the boys shenanigans in the park are put to a hold until they can outsmart the drunken park supervisor. Lahey is a good man that has had much wrong done unto him. He was once an officer of the law until the boys played a practical joke on him and he lost his badge, he has been trying to get the boys back ever since. I put some youtube videos up as well just so people who have not seen the show can get a quick idea for what to expect.


Week 3.) This week I posted information about Ricky who is one of the main characters in the show. Ricky Is the cause for most of the problems the boys get into, but can somehow  almost always get his way out of serving hard time in jail. Ricky’s main job is growing dope in the trailer park. Everyone knows Rickey sells the best dope in Canada though sometimes finds it hard to find people to buy it. Ricky is a proud father and a screw up husband, but he always tries and do what is best for his family though his tactics are extremely risky at times.


Week 4.) This week I worked on the photoshop web design page, which I found to be a lot of fun! I made a movie poster/ webpage design that supported the new Trailer Park Boy movie (which I made up) The Winds of Sh!t. The webpage shows Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles looking at Mr. Lahey from a distance, drinking from his bottle which he always has near by. I also added an image of Ricky’s car which is a centerpiece and home for Ricky. I made the entrance sign for the website the actual entrance sign to Sunnyvale Trailer Park. My idea for the webpage is that when you put the cursor over one of the boys or Mr. Lahey they will light up and you can click and access different parts of the website.


Week 5.) The next character I wrote about was Julian, Julian is the main character of the show though at times it seems like it is Ricky. Julian has a camera crew follow him around and is filming a documentary of his life in Sunnyvale. The crew is almost a main character as well, you see them dropping their equipment at times and helping out the boys with their shenanigans. Julian is the muscle and usually the brains of most operations being ran in the park, and he takes pride in being the one the boys look up to. He has a business mind though he does not like to work very hard, Julian has been trying to do a big dirty for a long time and to be able to retire young.


Week 6.) This week I focused on Bubbles. Bubbles is a humble guy who has lived in a shed most of his life. Bubbles has been best friends with Julian and Ricky since they were kids and he considers them to be his family. Bubbles makes a living hauling carts and taking care of his kitties. He is the most level headed person in the park and some people consider him to be the brightest as well. Bubbles is a very caring and kind-hearted person who looks out for others before himself. He always seems to find a a reasonable way around most obstacles the boys face and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty either. The youtube videos I posted will help people get a basic idea of what to expect when watching the show.


Week 7.) This week I posted pictures of the 2 Trailer Park Boys movies that have already been made. The first movie is the Big Dirty and the second movie is countdown to liquor day. Both movies are phenomenal and are just like the show just a bit longer. I suggest people watch them! I also did my video editing project and decided to make a short silent movie based on a girl who was dumped by her boyfriend. The story is about how she overcame the pain and hurt and finds out what she really enjoys to do. The music fits along very well with the mood and the images.


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