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The Best Of Bubbles



Bubbles is Julian and Ricky’s closets friend. Bubbles is known for his love of cats, his sensitive nature, and his huge glasses, which magnify his eyes to a considerable degree. He often acts as a conscience for both Julian and Ricky, he tries to be their voice of reason. Bubbles is also very intelligent and is considered by many the smartest guy in the park. Bubbles was abandoned by his parents when he was 6 years old and has been living in a tool shed with his kitties ever since. Bubbles makes sure that he takes care of all the stray kitties in the park, even as their numbers rise. He makes his living by fixing up old shopping carts and selling them back to different supermarkets and malls. Although his life is not easy Bubbles takes pride in being a self-made man and prefers a simple life. Bubbles has a very childish nature and cries when he is upset or threatened. Bubbles loves cats, playing guitar, badminton, model trains, driving his go-cart, smoking dope, and wrestling which is alter ego is “Green Bastard.” He also loves the band Rush.


Julian Enjoying Some Swish

The Boys Running Away From The Cops


Julian is the main character of the trailer Park Boys series, and is responsible for hiring the camera crew to document his life and life in the Sunnyvale. Though Julian is a career criminal he shows morals and honor far beyond that of any other criminal. He is well read and often confuses Ricky with his vocabulary. Julian is best friends with Ricky and Bubbles and have been friends since childhood. Julian’s main goal in life is to get rich quick and retire young. Throughout the series Julian commits crimes such as bootlegging, drug dealing, and stealing barbecues. Julian is clever and finds a creative way out of most problems the boys get into, yet lacks the talent of lying to the police like Ricky. Julian is muscular yet very compassionate and almost never gets involved in conflicts. Julian is known for almost always having a rum and coke in hand no matter the situation.


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Ricky Self Smarted Himself